Headspace I


Editions: Original
Size: 13x12x11 cm

Technique: Glass Sculpture

About the piece

In the Headspace sculptures, Nossbring has been investigating emotion conveyed through glass. The content of his work speaks about daily routine and social structures. Through body language and facial expression, we understand each other, yet it is not always obvious nor clear what is being said as the body usually acts faster than the brain. Nossbring creates these from blown glass by hand, slowly sculpting all the details to get to an expression that he wants in the glass studio. Once finished, the pieces are cooled down slowly to release stress in the glass, before Nossbring works with the objects cold to achieve desired surface and texture.

About the artist

Rasmus Nossbring (b. 1991) is an artist from Norrköping, Sweden. At the age of fifteen he started his apprenticeship for Reijmyre Glassworks, as part of their traditional Swedish production line. Gradually learning the process of glassmaking he started creating objects of his own when time was given, which in 2010 got recognized by the National Museum Design. This gave him more freedom in the factory along with bigger responsibilities to create artwork for various artist and designing objects for the factory. In 2014 Nossbring made his way to Pilchuck Glass school for the first time as an intern in the school’s famous glass studio. He has since then been returning to America, visiting Corning Museum of Glass and Pilchuck Glass school in various positions. Influenced by Swedish and American glass culture he’s continuously broadening his artistic vocabulary, increasing his skill. In 2014 Nossbirng left the factory to get more time for his own work and started study at University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. The aspiring artist will graduate in 2017.

The content of Nossbring’s work consist of moments from his everyday life. He portrays events bearing signs of contemporary humanity and daily routines. In this frame, memories, social dynamics and dreams are subjects that interests him. Ultimately, he wants to convey what he sees and feels in his everyday life through his work and create monuments of the mundane.

Nossbring is a sculptor working in a variety of materials but expresses himself primarily in glass. In this medium, he tries to move past conventional techniques and to discover what is possible in hot glass.