Editions: 10

Size: 42×29,7 cm

Technique: Print

About the artist

Maria Pohl (b. 1988) is a psychologist and artist. She studied at Lunnevads Art College and the Valand Academy. Pohl has a passion for theoretical books by philosophers and psychoanalysts, and will probably dedicate herself full time to their study in the future. She writes poems and organizes seminars and concerts in her apartment. As an artist, Pohl values colour selection and the emotionally charged.

There are two threads running through Pohl’s creative process: the physical present and the world of ideas. While painting she expresses this through flow and colours, inspired by the interaction of spontaneity and precision. Much of Pohl’s thinking away from her brushes informs the motives and themes she choses to paint. She finds great inspiration in the psychological: relations and reaction. Emotions are important, the dynamics between them and the complexity of our interactions

Increasingly, Pohl is experimenting with more modern and abstract forms, which can be seen in some of her works.

Primarily Pohl is inspired by art that was created in the first half of the 20th century. She likes the simple expression of Matisse, the colour selection of Gauguin and the ingenuity of Picasso. She is also inspired by books and poetry, particularly the meditative musings of Woolf and the earnest nature of Sachs.