Untitled VI


Editions: Original

Size: 42×42 cm

Technique: Wall color on canvas

About the piece

In the process of making a series of paintings, of which Untitled IV is part of, Lundberg has actively fought against her general impulse to invite all the colors to the party. Instead she has sought on keeping the palette homogeneous without loosing the element of nuance. Initially feeling quite awkward with the complexion of the result, Lundberg considers these paintings to be an important step in her artistry due to them being (in her mind) totally out of (the) character (she has written for herself to be perceived as). And that batshit crazy new character now (post these paintings) knows that (is struggling with) there is no shame in liking (loving) pink.

About the artist

Magda Lundberg (b.1990) wishes to create digestible art that does not require any previous knowledge from the observer. It (the art) is meant to feel easy (as in enjoyable) and inclusive – sometimes fun, sometimes (perhaps) serious. Preferably in some manner appealing, or at the very least unsettling.