Black Swan


Editions: 25

Size: 70×50 cm

Technique:  Print



About the piece
Mothermilk is a search for a visual interpretation of an emotional experience,a feeling that lives in our subconscious that surfaces in our dreams. Through utilized capturing and processing techniques Norlander is recreating the abstract pictures from her memory, trying to give a uniqueness to her images, as a dream or an illusion is unique. These particular images are pieces of a series about a place / a state where the familiar meets the unknown, where light and dark- ness is an equal measure and a meeting point of the past and the present. Norlander reaches a little deeper and a little closer to what is below the conscious surface. She believes that we all conceal truths in our subconscious, truths that are only revealed when we dream or fantasize and truths of one part of us that is unex- plored and secret.

About the artist
Julia Norlander (b. 1984) graduated with a BA in photography from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne in 2010. In her photography she recreates the emotional states that she experiences through focusing on shape, pattern and color. By trying to recreate the feeling or condition, she reaches both deeper and closer to what is below the conscious surface. She believes that we all conceal truths in our subconscious – truths that are unexplored or secret and are only revealed when we dream or fantasize.