Gyms 1


Editions: Original

Size: 70×50 cm

Technique: Vinyl paint on plywood

About the piece

Gyms 1 is a visual mashup between Gems and Gym. A pragmatic perception of the two words would probably put them in completely different contexts, but what’s common about them is that they’re expressions of human vanity.

About the artist

Johanna Berg (b. 1986) is a designer and illustrator, who lives and works in Gothenburg. Berg received her BA (Bachelor) from the Academy of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg, 2015. Her illustrative motifs are often abstract objects that can be interpreted as figurative. Berg always makes a first digital draft to her illustrations and then translates the sketch to the final medium – sometimes the medium is a wall painting, and sometimes it’s wood. Apart from working as an artist, Berg works with conceptual furniture and scenography, where her clear, graphic expression recurs. The use of different materials also plays a big role in her artworks and the notion on different values imbedded in the materials is, too, a recurring theme.