Madeleines – Hewa


Editions: 30

Size: 70×50 cm

Technique: Print

About the piece

What sort of memories and experiences can be contained in an object? As a part of her graduation project from Beckmans College of design Leal Bergstrand studied objects as vessels for memory. Based on five Swedes who have come to the country as refugees, she studied the objects they brought with them and created illustrated interpretations of their memories of origin, family and identity.

About the artist

Isabel Leal Bergstrand (b. 1986) is a freelance illustrator. She graduated with BA in Visual Communication at Beckmans College of Design in 2014. In her illustrations she primarily uses felt-pens to make her process more spontaneous. To let the technique rule and to not be hold back. Her work is colorful and often filled with smaller stories and symbols within the images. She is inspired by animals, plants, fashion, odd shapes and bright colors.