Editions: 20
Size: 70×50 cm
Technique: Print

About the piece

Metamorph is an experiment about time passing and the attempts one make to hold on to specific moments. It’s a photograph of a temporary sculpture made of air drying clay. The sculpture couldn’t stay in this position, as time passed it kept changing. So it’s inadequately saved by this photograph.

About the artist

Hilda Bordahl (b. 1991) is an artist and photographer based in Stockholm. She graduated from the Stockholm School of Photography (Fotoskolan STHLM) in 2014, and went on to study art history for a year. She combines being an artist with being a commercial photographer, mostly shooting fashion. Bordahl’s three pieces on Arrivals are experiments about dimensions and time. Agate and Pumice are close scans of a portion of two small stones. Metamorph is a photograph of a temporary sculpture