Editions: Original

Size: ca 18 cm high

Technique: Ceramics


About the piece

MMA is based on a half finished sketch of a man Wilson saw at the beach in Dubai. She was too busy swimming to draw.

About the artist

Grace Wilson (b. 1986) is a British artist based in London. The figurines Wilson makes are usually taken from small sketches or drawings from her journals. She enjoys going back through old notebooks and finding scribbles of people that she then brings to life in colourful ceramics. Because Wilson also writes and draws comics, she’s often drawing lots of background characters and enjoys taking these ‘extras’  from the stories and giving them special, stand-alone status as hand painted figurines.

Pained expressions and wrinkled foreheads, bottles of beer with the price tags still on, today’s headlines on the newspapers in the corner shop, and dusty weeds sprouting from the pavement cracks. Wilson’s predominantly figurative and narrative based work comes in the form of drawings, comics and sculptures. These slice of life stories are part social observation and part auto bio, filled with the minutiae of everyday life.