Glitched Dreams


Editions: 15

Size:  50×50 cm

Technique: Fine Art Print

About the piece

When one visits a place for the first time, there is a lot of information to be absorbed. Trying to process all these new pieces of information, one always resorts to previous experiences and memories in the effort to relate to the new surroundings.

However, sometimes a new place might not resemble anywhere else and one needs to absorb all the new information as raw data to be interpreted. Considering memories as the interpretation of this raw data, they might not present the factual reality. Evasive Memories is the visual interpretation of some raw data that Enger gathered from an unknown place. Therefore, this is rather “mindscapes”, the representation of the idea of a landscape created in the mind of the artist, than an actual landscape. This work was inspired by Carl Jung, who believed art and images found in dreams were a way of expression of the unconscious; and the Abstract Expressionism, in the sense that they explore the unknown and its different possibilities, leaving space for interpretation.

About the artist

Felipe Enger (b.1989) is a Brazilian/Swedish visual artist, living and working in London. After graduating from Business school he realized that photography was more than just a hobby and decided to change his career path. He then moved to London, where he graduated from the London College of Communication, with a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography. In his personal projects, he is constantly exploring the boundaries of photography as a medium, through the pictorial representation of abstract concepts such as dreams, the unconscious mind and the idea of belonging.