Call the Doctors


Editions: 25

Size:  64×46 cm

Technique: Print

About the piece

In Magassa’s series Call the Doctors, he investigates currents in history, culture and art. The collages are composed of abstract pictorial elements and historical images of African artifacts and explores how African ethnographical objects have been appropriated, re-interpreted and often dislocated from their original context and traditions within the western power regime. Examining how social and cultural histories are constantly being recycled and told a new is a recurring theme in Magassa’s art practice.

About the artist

Eric Magassa (b.1972) is an artist based in Gothenburg. Magassa spent most of his youth moving back and forth between Gothenburg and Paris with his Swedish mother and French father from Senegalese and Malian descent. As a student, Magassa subsequently lived in London and New York to study at Central Saint Martins and The Art Students League of New York. His works stem from experiments with different media ranging from paintings to drawings, sculptures, collages, videos and textiles. Identity, fetish rituals, abstraction and patterns are often subjects in Magassa’s work.