Palette Piece 2


Editions: 15

Size:  70×50 cm

Technique: Print

About the piece

Sangberg started to collect and save her palettes a few years ago. She is interested in things that are created by chance and randomness, paint palettes being the ultimate example. When Sangberg took a closer look at her palettes and in a more investigative way, she started to see a lot of things moving in them, like patterns, landscapes or figures. For Sangberg, it’s about finding meaning in the “meaningless”. The palettes also become traces of her gesture when painting and something that has happened, something she didn’t plan to happen, or wasn’t entirely conscious of. In these digital prints she has scanned in some selected palettes and zoomed in on details in them – showing both her color shades as well as the process behind her practice as a painter.

About the artist

Emma Sangberg (b. 1986) is born in Trollhättan and is now based in Stockholm. She has studied art in Gothenburg and is currently studying MFA (Master of Fine Art) at the Royal institute of art in Stockholm. Sangberg is mostly working with painting, but also to some extent drawing and animation. She is interested in the process itself, and time is an important factor when she creates and she makes use of systems and rules when outlining her method. Inspired by her earlier work-experience in a factory, she started to use repetition in her art and is fascinated by the gesture and by the notion that even when there are certain rules, there are still differences in how you actually go ahead doing it. Sangberg experiments with randomness and is trying to find meaning by using repetitive movements, both bodily and visually. The physicality and the performative aspect are of great importance and she often interprets her work as traces of a gesture or as evidence of something that has previously happened.