Original Sin I


Editions: Original

Size: 12 cm high

Technique: Ceramics


About the artist

Amy Worrall is a British artist based in Stockholm. She is educated at both Konstfack and Central Saint Martins. In her practice Worrall freezes her figures in time, capturing a moment, making fleeting youth and beauty everlasting. Worrall’s work is filled with life and colour. The girls and women she makes are expressive – made of lumpy, unreal shapes.  They are weirdos painted with garish colours and gangly limbs coming from oversized bodies.

In her work Worrall works in an intentionally low-tech fashion, keeping the pieces simple and direct. Using ­minimal tools; her process is heavy on touch and instinct.

For Worrall it is important the spontaneous way she works is seen in the finished pieces, adding to the mischievous tone of the girls.