Cyborg Tissue


Editions: 70
Size: ca 15×10 cm
Technique: Glass sculpture

About the piece

The 2016 nobel price in chemistry was given as for the invention of molecular machines – predicted to be used inside the body. Inspired by the possibilities of extending and changing our bodies in a possible nanorobotic future, and by the present biohacking movement, Olofsson is hot sculpting these wall sculptures in recycled leadfree crystal. Each sculpture in the series is different and has a readable NFC-chip with a numbered digital signature.

About the artist

Ammy Olofsson (b. 1988) lives and works in Stockholm. Olofsson graduated with an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Ceramics and Glass at University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, 2016.

Prior to Olofsson’s education in Stockholm she was trained at Kosta Glascenter as well as at Pilchuck Glass School in the US, and is today working as a glass artist. In her artistry, Olofsson is interested in science, technology and the body, in combination with glassblowing and artisanal traditions. Olofsson also finds inspiration in science fiction, new technology and biohacking.

Olofsson has been a part of numerous group shows in Sweden and is represented samt at prestigeous institutions as Nationalmuseum, Millesgården and Liljevalchs konsthall but also internationally at Milano Design Fair. Duringder 2016 she took over Glasbolaget i Bro, outside Stockholm, together with a few other glass artists, with the vision to expand and increase the interest for contemporary glass art.