Johanna Arvidsson


Johanna Arvidsson (b. 1983) is educated at the MFA (Master of Fine Art) program of Valand Academy, and is based in Gothenburg. Arvidsson tries to approach experiences that is not always presented in the world around us, such as depression and mental illness, but also the body’s aging and thoughts about death are part of the themes that interest her. For her, the truth has nothing to do with words, but our society is structured so that we have to use words to communicate and point to “the truth”.


A starting point for Arvidsson’s work is to find other means of expression to handle these subjects, she does this mostly with drawing as a medium. She is interested in historical approaches to life and death, including how this is presented in culture. She also studies melancholy as the oldest form of mental illness. At the moment she looks at melancholy of all time — mainly from a female perspective, this study she works with parallel to studying the historical presentation of the female body in areas such as the history of painting and medicine.