Johan Barrett


Johan Barrett (b. 1983) grew up in both Pennsylvania, United States and Sweden. Stockholm has been his home since 2008, where he works as a graphic designer and artist. He took his Bachelor degree in Visual Communications at Beckmans College of Design 2008-2011.

Johan is particularly interested in contrasts and points of tension. Some of his pieces are like dark fairy tales of our present world, but always with a childlike sense of hope and comfort. Others are embellished dreams of idyllic places but always with an underlying threat or sense of friction. His works look to capture a feeling that, while it is a wonderful place of amazement, something is sick in this world.

Holiday pictures on Instagram and the classic children’s books he reads to his little ones is his greatest inspiration right now. Colourful, imaginative, with a mixture of concrete and abstract motifs characterise his works. Recognition and mystery, childish and adult.