Jenny Norberg


Jenny Norberg (b. 1992) is an artist from Sundsvall, based in Stockholm. She is currently taking her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) at University College of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm. Norberg’s practice circles around the experiences that are within us but which can not be described by using only words. She is interested in the presence and how it can be enclosed in objects and places. Norberg often uses the technique of drawing and sculpturing without watching the work of her hands. This, she finds, is a method for staying present in what she sees and experiences in the moment. Working from the experience itself rather than staging it is a fundamental part of her process. With a mindset active in detecting the subtle and sensitive, she discerns shapes and lines in the world around her and uses different methods to find her way into them. The result of this can be a drawing, casting or a photography. When collecting material, it’s not so much about documentation as it is a way of communicating and asking questions.


She describes it as finding messages, secrets that speak to her in a silent language. Norberg gets inspiration from marks in the streets and walls, nature, sensory experiences, proprioception, poetry, balance and the center of gravity, time as a phenomena, vulnerability and the emotional. She enjoys the practice of the artist Bas Jan Ader and the choreographer Helena Franzen.


“Who or what I am as far as they are concerned, is not necessarily, or thereby, “me”, as far as I am concerned. I am presumably “what” they are describing, but not their description. I am the territory, what they say I am is their map of me. What or where, is the territory?” R. D. Laing.