Frida My Sundqvist


Frida-My (b. 1992) is a photographer and visual creative based in Stockholm. She works with both stills and moving images and implements them both in art and commercial projects. She has studied photography at Akademin Valand and is currently attending Fotoskolan STHLM. In addition, she also has a graphic design diploma from Berghs School of Communication and has attended the University of Stockholm for media, communication and art studies.


Her work has been exhibited at spaces such as Kulturhuset, Moderna Museet, F12 and Berlin Atonal. The thing Frida-My appreciates the most with images and visual expression is to mix different practices and contexts. This means she likes to blend digital pictures with analogue and almost always creates moving image to her still-image series. In addition, she collaborates with friends or other creators to get challenged and grow.


The analogue expression has always been the most intimate for Frida-My. It is where she feels the most personal, which makes her believe that those images become the strongest. They are impulsive, spontaneous, and often more about catching the moment than arrange and create. Being able to switch between the free and refined form of creation is how she prefers to work.