Editions: 25

Size: 50×70 cm

Technique: Photography


About the piece

With Alone Bergstedt wanted to show the grandeur of nature, a small person, with the big mountains in the background. This picture wasn’t so easy to take – it might look easy, but it wasn’t. This place is a major tourist spot, but Bergstedt had a picture in his head of what he wanted to showcase. He wanted to have one person standing in the middle of the bridge alone, with the help of his cousin, and they did not think it would be no problem. It rained a little bit, so they thought the tourists weren’t really going to stand there for too long. But once Bergstedt got there, it took about two hours before they got the bridge to themselves, they had it for themselves for about fifteen seconds before a person went out on the plateau. Bergstedt was standing in the same place for two hours, in a tree to get the angle of the picture. This picture symbolizes freedom.

A sentence that goes through this picture is that “the patient is key,” not to give up and if you have a vision for something, never give up.

About the artist

Victor Bergstedt (b. 1995) is a Stockholm based photographer. He is interested in capturing places that not many people visit and how powerful things can happen in these depopulated places. In his photographs he uses a sensitive technique to capture the details of the movement of the smoke. He is inspired by how a small components can become a powerful feeling.