Vänts ut och in


Editions: 10

Size: 40×30 cm

Technique: Fine Art Print


About the piece

Nybom’s work is very intuitively. For her, photography is much about poetry and music. The intention is to release emotions and dreams without letting the technology and standards for what is right or wrong way to make photographs control. This work is part of a project called Inside Out. As an artist Nybom constantly deals with the eternal topics of life. Life goes on. Everything will be fine. Or will it? The project was about a loss of a friend caused by drug abuse.

About the artist

Linda Nybom (b. 1975) grew up in northern Sweden but lives and works in Stockholm. She studied art at Gerlesborgsskolan in Stockholm and photography at Nordic School of Photography. The darkness of life, melancholy and mystery is primary what inspires and drives Nybom in her photography. There is a subtle and evocative sense of the images that reflect her state of mind and simultaneously assume an almost painterly feeling to the photographs.