Editions: 10

Size: 30×40 cm

Technique: Fine Art Print


About the piece

Nybom walked past a lake one day when she was out on a walk in the woods. In English this lake is called the radiation lake. The water was warm and brown as Coca- Cola and she thought that the name of it was a little bit creepy and misleading. It is a beautiful place and she let her hair get washed by the lake before she went on.

About the artist

Linda Nybom (b. 1975) grew up in northern Sweden but lives and works in Stockholm. She studied art at Gerlesborgsskolan in Stockholm and photography at Nordic School of Photography. The darkness of life, melancholy and mystery is primary what inspires and drives Nybom in her photography. There is a subtle and evocative sense of the images that reflect her state of mind and simultaneously assume an almost painterly feeling to the photographs.