Treasures 1


Editions: 20
Size: 100×70 cm
Technique: High Quality Offset Print

About the piece

The Treasures series manifest an ongoing research into materials and objects. The hyper-real still lifes shows the values of diverse appearances and as well as balance and control. They explore the relations between beloved matters and the phenomena of collecting precious things. A ritual that can be based from obsessions, memories or the goal to create a complete collection.

About the artist

Anny Wang (b. 1990) is a Swedish artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark with a focus on digital/physical explorations, design and production. She strives to create mind tickling and unexpected experiences through materiality and technology. With a background in spatial and furniture design Wang combines, collects and explores physical elements in a digital environment.

In the year 2016 Wang joined forces with Tim Söderström and together they founded Wang & Söderström. The multidisciplinary studio operate within visual communication and digital/physical fabrication as an important part of developing and stretching the boundaries within other fields such as spatial design, art and crafts. Utilising new technologies to shape tomorrow’s visual and spatial experiences.